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Customs Clearing Agents in India

Falcon is one of the well-networked and experienced customs clearing agents in India. Our 35 years of experience in handling, customs clearance across many ports in India. It allows us to assure our clients that they will have a seamless and stress-free experience. In customs clearing, we also assist you in preparing and submitting the documentation required for the smooth export or import of products into the country. The company represents the client during customs examination, assessment, and the handover of the shipment after custom clearance with all the necessary documents. So, you can focus on building your business, we handle all trade compliance and processes on your behalf. Because of our loyalty, we are able to ease the clearance of consignments that have arrived by air, sea, and land.
Let us know if you need customs clearing agents in India. Our phone number is +91-9717360020 and our email address is Also, we are available 24 x 7.

Fastest Services by Customs Clearance Agents in India

With our good reputation and clearance business practices, our customs clearance agents in India are able to clear the consignments as quickly as possible. At Falcon, custom brokers do clearance at all major seaports and airports in India for import and export goods. Over the past 3 decades, we have also specialized in customs clearing and forwarding along with the use of the latest information technology. Further, we maintain strict quality standards and customs compliance. As a result, these measures eliminate delays and ensure reliable service for customers around the world. So, our company keeps on top of the latest customs regulations, procedures, and compliances. In addition, we offer clearance services of consignments by air, sea, and road.

Top Custom House Agent in India

Falcon is one of the top custom house agent in India. Therefore, some companies have remained on top of cargo clearance service providers through their consistent and reliable performance. Hence, customs clearing broker plays a crucial role in importing and obtaining cargo by air and sea. The documentation on time, submission of the appropriate paperwork to authorities, and related subsidiary activities such as arranging the specialized labor and transport help clear goods quickly and cost-effectively to save time and money. On the other hand, a haphazard or tardy approach by the customs clearing agents in India can mean an inordinate delay in the clearance of goods.

Custom Clearance Services Fees and Charges in India

What is the Fee of Clearing Agents in India?

The customs clearance agent or customs broker charges a fee for preparing and filing customs documents.

Who Charges the Customs Clearance Fee?

The forwarder or customs broker / agent will charge the customs clearance fee.

Advantages of Customs Brokerage in India

  1. Customs brokers will be able to handle your shipment with care.
  2. The custom brokers will verify if you comply with customs regulations for a hassle-free shipment.
  3. A company will be able to keep more money. The custom house agent will guide a company to avoid shipping problems that will also follow trade agreement opportunities.
  4. Many trade agreements aim to reduce customs duties and taxes.
  5. Expert assistance will guide and advise you in every step.
  6. Our team will assist you in organized invoices, all records, and data properly.
  7. Customs brokers should keep very detailed invoices as well as provide any specialized documentation that may be required for your specific goods.
  8. A customs broker has the power to represent and approve trade in freight.
  9. We provide ranking assistance services to ensure that customers use the correct harmonized tariff schedule code (HTS code) and pay the correct amount of duty for their products.
  10. Customs brokers must have the appropriate permits for the areas in which they operate and be informed of all the necessary requirements.

Custom Clearing Services Offered in India

  1. Sharing all the customs information related to goods.
  2. Monitor and report on post and pre-declaration events.
  3. Documentation of customs clearance.
  4. Paper filing.
  5. Assessment in the group.
  6. Custom duty.
  7. De-stuffing & examination of shipments at ports.
  8. VGM (Verified Gross Mass) if required.
  9. Out of charge.
  10. Transportation of goods.

What Import Documents Required for Customs Clearance in India

  1. Bill of lading (BL).
  2. IGM (Import General Manifest) filing. 
  3. Purchase order from the supplier.
  4. Commercial invoice.
  5. Packing list.
  6. Origin certificate.
  7. Paper filing.
  8. Assessment in the group.
  9. Custom duty.
  10. De-stuffing & examination of shipments at ports.
  11. Out of charge.

What Export Documents Required for Customs Clearance in India

  1. AD code (Authorised Dealer Code) registration.
  2. Commercial Invoice.
  3. Packing list.
  4. Letter of the undertaking (LOU).
  5. KYC (Know Your Customer / Know Your Client).
  6. Checklist.
  7. Shipping Bill.
  8. Clearance.
  9. Let Export order.
  10. Pick up container FCL (Full Container Load).
  11. Stuffing.
  12. Seal.
  13. Handover.
Our Strong Points in Custom Clearance in India
  • Firstly, we have high levels of efficiency
  • Secondly, our expertise in various commodities
  • Thirdly, we have a proven ability to serve customers’ needs
  • Fourthly, we have well comprehensive documentation
  • In addition, in an IT-driven environment
  • Above all, utilizing CRM software and desk software

We will be happy to help if you need customs clearing agents in India. On the other hand, you can contact us via e-mail at and our phone number is +91-9717360020. Feel free to contact us 24 x 7.


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